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Mine, Yours, Ours: A Relationship Survival Guide For Baby's 1st Year:


Herself Moms is offering a class that is a must have for "New" or "Expectant" couples desiring to keep their relationship strong while experiencing the changes that come with a new baby. Utilizing humor and presented from the female and male perspective, this course will help you understand how each partner has some unique concerns,  and how universal other worries are regarding this transition to parenthood. Through the course you and your partner will also learn effective communication skills so you can truly "hear" each you. In the course  you will receive tips and strategies to aid in the development your “postpartum” plan which will focus on working as a team. Expect to gain understanding of the moods and emotions that come with the birth of your baby, and last, but not least, how to keep sex and intimacy in your relationship. Come ready to ask questions and share your own experiences.  This is not just a lecture format, your participation is highly encouraged!   

Included in the cost of enrollment is a 20 minute consultation to review your Postpartum Plan. Consultation can be scheduled anytime up to 4 months after the class.  Scheduling can occur after class - this is such a great deal and worth more then the cost of the class!!

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Facilitated by: Catherine O'Brien, M.A. Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, Certified Gottman Educator, and Mother and Rick Heyer, JD, Educator, and Father

Space is limited.

If you have questions about registering please call (916) 718-9501

*Refund Policy: Cancellations 2 weeks before class is full refund with a $10 processing fee assessed. After that date no refund. No-show for class are not eligible for refund.


Please visit Mine, Yours, Ours: Relationship Survival Guide to Baby's 1st Year for a list of all the classes and dates.

Just Between Moms Educational and Support Group:


Do you love being a mom but feel overwhelmed with everything you need to accomplish during the day?

Do you feel like you've lost who you are, now that you're a mom, partner, etc?

Do you notice you & your partner don’t seem to communicate as well as you use to?

If you answer yes to any of these questions then this is a place for you!

This educational and support group for all moms who are adjusting to new motherhood, pregnancy, the dynamics of parenthood, or the addition of another child to your family. We offer moms a safe place to share, listen and encourage one another with weekly discussion, education and support.

Led by Catherine O’Brien, Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist.

When: As of November 1st, 2014, this group will no longer be offered in this format.  Please contact Catherine directly for information about other groups and services.  916 718-9501 or 

Check out this free meet-up group we are currently offering 2 times a month.


Postpartum Adjustment Group:


Becoming a mom is a time of major transition in a woman’s life. Physically, your body has gone through more changes in the last year than at any other time.  The emotional adjustment to motherhood is plagued with a variety of conflicting feelings: joy and grief, guilt and pride, belonging and isolation.  If these were the only changes that come with a new baby, it would be a difficult transition.

New babies, however, bring about many more changes than just creating a family.  Often there are changes in employment or a recent move to manage.  And there are ALWAYS relationship changes involved.  You may be experiencing ups and downs in friendships, social status, self-worth, and your financial situation… the list can go on and on.  Despite the stress these transitions can cause, moms feel pressure to be happy and make everything they do look effortless.  

You can find understanding, support and hope in a new therapy group for women in the postpartum period.  

•    What is the difference between a “therapy group” and a support group?

      o    Support groups are generally open to the public and ongoing.  People come to group when they need support and the discussion tends to be centered on a central topic.

     o    Therapy groups are created for a specific group of clients.  The facilitator meets with each member individually prior to group to learn about them and their goals.  All members commit to a period of time to meet weekly and process issues on a deeper level.

     o    A therapy group is a good alternative to individual therapy.  It provides the added support of peers who can relate to your struggles and is less expensive than meeting with a therapist individually.


•    Who is eligible for this group?

     o    Anyone who has a child and can use support during this time of transition

     o    Open to pregnant women in the third trimester who are already dealing with baby-related changes

     o    Participants must complete an intake interview with the facilitator prior to group enrollment


Please call 916-718-9501 for more information.