Resources for Parents Grieving a Miscarriage or Baby Loss

Last week, I talked to you briefly about how October is Pregnancy and Infant Loss Awareness month.  1 in 4 women will experience a miscarriage or lose their baby. This means that you definitely know someone in your family or social circle who has experienced this.  

So, today, I want to share some resources I rely on with you that might help you if you’re struggling with this or know someone who is.

Dealing With the Grief of Miscarriage & Baby Loss

October is Pregnancy & Infant Loss Awareness Month.  This is so important for every one of us to be aware of--because even if you’ve never experienced this yourself, I can almost guarantee someone close to you has.

Of course, my hope is that this kind of tragedy hasn’t happened to you. But whether it has or hasn’t, this impacts you.  And because of that, I wanted to share some thoughts for both the parents who have lost their baby as well as to the loved ones who want to be a support.  Because we don’t talk about these things enough--in fact, it’s hard to know what to say. No one wants to say the wrong thing.

Parents, Look for Signs You're Succeeding

I’ve been talking a lot on the blog lately about ways to get the support you need when you’re really doubting yourself as a parent--how to know when you need advice and when you just need encouragement, what to do with advice that doesn’t fit, and dealing with unsolicited advice from relatives and strangers.  

Today, though, I want to talk about finding that inner confidence as a parent, so that you can squash self-doubt and overwhelm all on your own.  Truth be told, it doesn’t happen overnight. It’s a practice. But the good news there are things you can start doing today that will help you to trust your own parenting sense and feel better about doing things your way.

Are You Looking For Advice or Encouragement? (How to Know What You Need.)

Are you the kind of mom that appreciates parenting advice from others?

Or, does that stuff annoy you every time?

Maybe it depends on the situation, the question, the messenger.

Every mom I know feels vulnerable and questions themselves at least once in a while.  (There’s nothing quite like motherhood to make even the most confident, competent woman question herself.)

3 Communication Tips for Parenting Couples to Get the Support You Need

Today, I’m going to keep this short and sweet.  

Last week, I talked to you about the role of grandparents in our lives and why it’s so important to communicate with your little ones’ grandparents about what kind of support you need.

So, today I’m taking this topic deeper by offering you a 3-minute video discussing 3 quick and simple tips for how to ask for (and get!) the support you really need from them.  

Getting the Support You Need from Your Baby's Grandparents

Grandparents Day was this past Sunday.  I don’t know if this is a thing people actually celebrate, but maybe we should be.

The role of a grandparent in a kid’s life can be such a special thing.  I know I felt a special closeness to my own grandparents. Maybe you did too.

It can also be a godsend to us parents when we need a break and a heart-warmer when we see their special bond with our littles grow.

But I also know that when you have a new baby or toddler at home, navigating that relationship as a new parent still trying to figure things out--even if you adore your parents or in-laws--can be…..well, tricky.

Top 5 Excuses Moms Say about Why They Don't Practice Self-Care

Confession time, mommas.  Sometimes self-care is really hard to be consistent with.  Even for a therapist and mom like me.

I think we all struggle with this one--at least from time to time, if not all the time.

And when we fall off the wagon with it or have struggled to implement new self-care habits in the first place, the hardest part is starting.

It’s kind of like--well, I don’t know about you, but this is definitely true for me:  Getting to the gym is the hardest part of exercising. If I can just get myself there, then I’m fine.  I’ll find something healthy to do for myself. But leaving the house? Oh, so hard.

3 Real Self-Care Tips All Moms Need to Hear

I talk about self-care a lot.  Like, A LOT, a lot. And it’s not just me.  Self-care became a buzzword years ago and it doesn’t show any signs of disappearing anytime soon.

I think this is a good thing… and a bad thing.

It’s great because we would all do better to slow down and tune into ourselves a little more often to ask, “What do I need right now?” But, it’s also kind of a bad thing because there’s so much misunderstanding about what self-care really is.  

Are You Spending Enough Time with Your Kids?

More and more, I hear from moms that they worry they aren’t spending enough time with their kids.  

And, I mean, it makes sense.  Many of us moms work, which means someone else is doing the caregiving for a significant portion of the day.  And then, we come home and it’s boom-boom-boom. We have to do the whole dinner, bathtime, bedtime routine, with the rush hour commute in between.  It often feels like there isn’t much time to “just be” with our kids.

But, it’s not just working mothers.  Stay-at-home moms feel it too.

Manage Your Task List Like a Boss Even with a New Baby at Home

Last week, I showed you how to use my Postpartum Support Matrix worksheet to help you determine where you need extra help right now and over the long term.  

This week, I’m showing you the next step:  How to manage it all and make sure everything is getting done, even if it’s not you doing every single thing.  

(And, in doing this, if you discover that it IS you doing every single thing, you’ll also discover how to pass those things off to someone else.)

One of the most common things I hear from new moms is that they suddenly feel like there are so many more things they have to do now.  The chores seem to multiply literally overnight!

But you can totally handle it like a boss. Here’s how.

How to Start Asking for Support When You Don't Even Know What to Ask For

Are you a new mom or dad that feels like you’re doing too much and can’t keep up? 

Are you so overwhelmed or exhausted that you can’t even think of what to delegate when people ask how they can help?

Or, maybe asking people for help just feels too hard, but you’d love to try to let yourself off the hook a little?

I get it.  Completely.  

For one thing, as a mom,  I’ve been there myself. For another, this is something that comes up in my therapy practice ALL the time.

That’s why I created two tools that can help. You can download both of them here.

Life Hacks for Parents: Solving the "What's for dinner?" Dilemma

For years, I'd say the worst question anyone could ask me is "What's for dinner?" 

I know I'm not alone in this.  Whether you love to cook or not, it's the deciding what to make that is the most exhausting.  And it's only made worse when it's followed by groans of "Ew, not that again...." 

Now, there are a variety of ways to solve this problem in our modern world.

Surviving Road Trips with Kids

Today is the 4th of July, a day for celebrating freedom and independence.  But when you’re a parent, our experience of freedom changes a little bit, doesn’t it?  It’s suddenly not quite so easy as hopping in the car spontaneously and driving for hours and hours.

But, still, road tripping with kids can be done.  It just requires a little more planning and different expectations.  In fact, our family takes a road trip this time of year every year.

A Conversation Around Community: Catherine O'Brien Interviews Dr. Jacqueline Schoemaker Holmes

One of the most common issues moms bring up to me is that it’s so hard to find their mom tribe.  Whether it’s online or in real life, it’s hard to figure out where we fit in or find that place where we can feel supported and not judged for our choices, fears and struggles.  

But, why is it so hard to find these mom friends?  And how do we succeed in finding them?

Trouble Sleeping? This might work for you!

We all know the magical powers of sleep.  And we all know that most of us--no matter who we are or what we do--aren't getting nearly enough. 

We're all just so busy.  We're overbooked and overstretched.  We give too much.  We spend too much time staring at screens, taking in a constant flood of new information. Our nervous systems are constantly bombarded with things to process and not enough downtime to actually process all the things.  This causes wear and tear on our brains and hormones, among other things. 

Dads Interview with Quentin Hafner

If you’ve been following my blog for a while, then you’re probably familiar with my Momma Interviews series.  I’ve loved doing them and I frequently get positive feedback from readers saying how much they look forward to them.

But I feel like we’re only getting half of the story.  

I’ve been wanting to do a series of Dads Interviews for such a long time.  And today--just in time for Fathers Day this weekend--I’m so excited to kick off the Dads Interviews series with Quentin Hafner!


MMHA Month Recap: Perinatal Mood Disorders, Sharing Your Story, & Simplifying Motherhood *BONUS RESOURCES INSIDE*

Well, May has come and gone and summer is in full swing.  But, just because Maternal Mental Health Awareness Month is over doesn’t mean the conversation is over.  Maternal Mental Health is important 365 days a year.

So, we might be well into June by now, but I want to recap what we discussed in the last month and share with you some weekly tips videos I did over on my Facebook page. PLUS, TWO FREE DOWNLOADS INSIDE!

Momma Interviews "Expert Edition" featuring Michelle Peterson

Mommas, I'm so excited to share this interview with Michelle Peterson with you!

Michelle Peterson is the author of the book 'Seven Sisters for Seven Days: A Mothers' Manual for Community-Based Postpartum Care', She empowers new mothers with resources to get the care they need in the postpartum period.

Click through to watch the interview, read the transcript or learn more about Michelle.

Momma Interviews "Expert Edition" featuring Cassie Owens, LPC

Mommas, I'm so excited to share this interview with Cassie Owens, LPC with you!

Cassie is a therapist specializing in maternal mental health and the Vice President of the Georgia Chapter of Postpartum International. 

Click through to watch the interview, read the transcript or learn more about Cassie.

Momma Interviews "Expert Edition" featuring Elizabeth O'Brien

Mommas, I'm so excited to share this interview with Elizabeth O'Brien with you!

Elizabeth is a feminist, a mother of three, wife, entrepreneur, trainer, supervisor, consultant and psychotherapist specializing in Perinatal Mental Health.  She also serves as the state coordinator and President of PSI Georgia Chapter.

Click through to watch the interview, read the transcript or learn more about Desiree.