Therapy, Coaching & Workshops for Moms and Dads

Are you your best, happiest self when you haven't slept for weeks?

No...and neither is your spouse. If you're reading this, you probably already know the truth about raising babies and creating a family where you, your partner and your kid(s) all love each other: It isn't all a walk in the park. Walking in the park is part of it, but so is crying, conflict, and a LOT of missteps!

Families are getting divorced left and right, moms (and some dads) are struggling with postpartum. You may think these things are unrelated, but 70% of couples are unhappy in their marriages in the first year after they have a baby! There are so many factors in our busy lives that set parents up for stress, anxiety, depression, and conflict.

It doesn't have to be this way. 

My name is Catherine O'Brien and if you're struggling with having a new baby at home, then I'm your happy warrior. I have a Masters in Psychology, am a licensed therapist, a mom, and a wife.

In other words, I'm here to help – and I know how to help.

I can support you with:

  • developing a happy and healthy birth plan that takes you through your newborn's entire FIRST YEAR. (Especially helpful if you've found that your previous birth plan had a 72-hour shelf-life tops!)
  • creating ease and deepening connection when you and your co-parent are second guessing whether the other person has gone insane. (You probably haven't. And yes: I am qualified to determine if someone really is struggling).
  • pro-active planning and preparation to keep things from going off-kilter when you first take your baby home.
Hi! I'm Catherine O'Brien, MA, LMFT.

Hi! I'm Catherine O'Brien, MA, LMFT.

What's the first step?

Download my 60 Tips for Bringing Baby Home. I put together my favorite practices and gathered priceless wisdom from other Happy With Baby parents to create this book. My goal is to empower you with the knowledge so you NEVER need therapy! This book covers:

  • Things to Keep in Mind Before & After Baby Arrives
  • Adjusting to Your New Life Together
  • New Parent Self-Care: Tricks to Nurture and Recharge
  • Relationships: Ways to Connect With and Support Each Other
  • "What I Wish I Knew": Benefit From Others' Hindsight
  • Parent Hacks: How to Fake It 'Til You Make It


Do you need or want more than a free (awesome) book? 

Are you looking for a great parenting class?

If you are in the Sacramento area (or if you want to babymoon in Sacramento), snag a spot in one of my popular "Mine, Yours, Ours" workshops.

(They do sell out, so be sure to register early).


Are you looking for a therapist who "gets it?"

Find out about individual counseling or marriage counseling in Sacramento, CA for new and established moms and dads.


Are you looking for something in between?

Do you know you don't need therapy, but not sure what the other options are? Schedule a coaching session and I can give you specific feedback and resources, and we can make an action plan together. Most people who schedule coaching sessions don't need therapy, but if you need it I will be up front with you.