Couples Postpartum Planning - Private Session

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Couples Postpartum Planning - Private Session

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You’ve heard it before:  When you have a baby, EVERYTHING changes.  While that’s definitely true in a lot of ways, it doesn’t mean that your connection with your partner has to change.  There’s no denying that schedules may change, roles and responsibilities may change, and even HOW you connect with your partner may change.  Your relationship shouldn’t take a back seat.   Despite all the differences in the way your life looks before and after baby, you absolutely can (and should!) keep that deep connection that drew you together in the first place in tact and even strengthen it through the experience of new parenthood.  

Adapted from the popular workshop, Mine, Yours, Ours: Relationship Survival Guide to Baby’s First Year, this private session will help you understand both your and your partner’s unique hopes, concerns and needs, and how universal our worries are regarding this transition to parenthood, with plenty of space for individualized attention. This session is YOUR time to get all your questions answered—even the ones you didn’t know to ask!

You and your partner will:

  • Learn effective communication skills so you can truly "hear" each other no matter how sleep-deprived!  

  • Learn tips and strategies to develop your postpartum plan, which will focus on working as a team.

  • Understand the moods and emotions that come with the birth of your baby and in the postpartum period.  

  • Feel empowered in requesting support from people you trust.

  • Know how to hold space for sex and intimacy in your relationship during and after this transitional phase.

Come ready to ask questions, and share your own experiences and concerns.  

*Included in the cost of booking is a 20 minute follow-up consultation to review your Postpartum Plan. Consultation can be scheduled anytime up to 4 months after your initial session.  

Facilitated by: Catherine O'Brien, M.A. Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, Certified Gottman Educator, and Mother and Rick Heyer, JD, Educator, and Father

If you have any questions please call: (916) 718-9501 or email