Complimentary “Rockin’ Relationship Reboot”

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Can you relate?

Becoming parents is such an overwhelming time and difficult transition, but most parents don’t want to admit that it isn’t easy!  

It’s hard when you go from just worrying about you and your spouse, to being the caregiver for this precious new little one. And between reading product reviews, making organic baby food, and deciphering between the differing opinions about how to get your little bundle of joy to sleep, you kind of want to laugh – or scream! Because wasn’t this supposed to be a fun, amazing time?!?

But it’s not what you thought it would be….

Becoming a parent can lead to so much self-doubt, even if you’ve always been confident in yourself and your relationship!  How do you figure out all these new emotions you’re feeling? How do you reconnect with your spouse? How do you get your sexy back, while wearing grannie panties? :-)

What’s realistic to expect and what’s not?

Instead of feeling this mix of emotions by yourself, let’s hop on the phone. There’s no greater joy I get than talking with a new parent and offering advice and encouragement, so you can enjoy this time in your life.

During our 30-minutes together, let’s build an awesome vision for your new role as a parent, for your relationship with your spouse, and for your relationship with yourself! I wholeheartedly believe that our time together will change the way you see and deal with yourself as a parent and a partner.  Let’s say goodbye to frustration and overwhelm!

Who is this for?

Unfortunately I don’t have time to talk with all the new Moms and Dads out there. This “Rockin’ Your Relationship Re-boot” isn’t for people who aren’t willing to make changes, who want to just point the finger at their partner for everything that’s wrong, and who would rather bide their time to work on their relationship, until their child goes off to college.

But I’d definitely like to make the time to talk to the action-oriented, dedicated, and motivated parents. I’d love to talk to Moms and Dads who want to enjoy being parents and who want to feel happier together as a couple and as a family.

Let’s talk!

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