Dear New Parent,

Have you been surprised at how the baby has changed things in your home and in your relationship?

Do you keep thinking, “I know once the baby is older, our relationship will get back to normal. I just need to be patient.”?

The fact is your relationship isn’t the same, you don’t seem to see your partner as often and don’t feel as close as you were before baby came home.  And you desperately want to enjoy every minute with your family, and your partner!

But... You feel like:

  • There is so much to do and it never ends…
  • I can’t stop nagging or my household will fall apart…
  • I can’t keep nagging or my relationship is going to fall apart..
  • I am more excited to see a housekeeper at my door than my partner!

I know how hard it is when you had such a great relationship with your partner - you enjoyed the same things, loved to spend time together, and seemed to be able to get things done with little to no conflict.  But now it seems like since your baby came home all you do is fight, ignore, or get snippy with each other.  Every comment seems to be a personal attack.  He doesn’t seem to understand how hard it is for you to breastfeed or how difficult the thought of going back to work is.  And he feels like you don’t want to do anything with him because the thought of “date night” just seems too exhausting!    

There’s something you need to know:

You’re not alone!

This isn’t anybody’s fault!

You can learn how to enjoy this time and have an awesome family and spouse!

The fact is, becoming parents is such an overwhelming transition and most parents don’t want to admit that it isn’t so easy!  It is so hard to go from being in a relationship where you just have to worry about yourself and one another, to now not only having to figure out the role of being a parent, but you also have to learn all about this new little being that is YOUR child.  And between reading product reviews, making organic baby food, and deciphering the differing opinions about how to get your little bundle of joy to sleep…

It kind of makes you wanna scream… or maybe even laugh… this was supposed to be amazing and FUN!

Becoming a parent can lead to so much self-doubt, even if you are normally pretty confident in yourself and your relationship!  How do you figure out what feelings are realistic and which ones aren’t? How do you sort through all of the NOISE?  

Let me show you the REAL secrets to…

“Getting your sexy back while wearing grannie panties… ”

That’s why I want to offer you a … Rockin’ Relationship Reboot!

In that session I can help you build an awesome vision for your relationship that includes who you are as parents, but leaves room for you to be the people that each of you fell in love with in the first place! This plan is about finding something that works for YOU and your partner.  The call will take around 30 minutes.

I wholeheartedly believe that this call will change the way you see and deal with yourself as a parent and a partner.  I’ll show you how to honor yourself and your partner to get the connection back.  Most importantly, I’ll show you how to do that in a way that is natural for you – and that allows you to have FUN! Say goodbye to FRUSTRATION and OVERWHELM!

What is the point of raising an AWESOME kid, only to have your relationship crumble?


This is only for action-oriented, dedicated, and motivated parents. Moms and Dads who not only want to enjoy being parents, but they want to feel happy to be together as a family. This is ONLY for you if you’re 100% certain that you are ready to try something that will work!


If you’re not interested in making changes in yourself, if you blame your partner for everything that is wrong, if you would rather bide time until your child goes off to college.


If you’ve read this far, there’s a pretty good chance that you think I can help you. And you’re right – I can! I have a reputation for getting couples results – not just a nice feeling for the moment- but real, lasting change.

I am offering a Rockin’ Relationship Reboot Session for FREE. This is a limited time only offer.  

Once you enter your details on the next page, you’ll get an email from me to set up a time that’s mutually convenient for you and I to speak (if your partner can join us even better!!).

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