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Calm Moms Group Therapy (Session 6)

Being a mom is incredible.  But, it can also be overwhelming, frustrating, exhausting and isolating!

Then we feel guilty, ashamed, and alone simply for having these feelings. It can be a downward spiral.  

We know we need to do something different--something to make life feel less crazy or to make ourselves feel more on top of our game.  But often, we don’t know what changes are realistic to make, how to implement them, or where we could possibly find the time to make those changes happen.  That’s why this group was created.

In this group you will receive the understanding, sense of community, and hope that you need to feel validated, empowered, and so not alone!  Over the course of 8 weeks, you will dig deep to understand why you feel what you feel and implement new habits that allow you reclaim control.  You will learn tools and techniques to trigger the calm response in your brain and body, and allow you to regain mental clarity and emotional balance by tapping into limbic calming techniques that work from the inside out. And, you will get the support you need to deal with parenting challenges, relationship stressors, anxiety and other stressors that occur in our roles as mothers.


In this 8-Week Series, you will learn:

  • How to dive deep to see the underlying root of what is challenging you and learn how to overcome it.

  • How to meet the demands of your day without falling into overwhelm by keeping your biochemistry balanced and resilient.

  • Regain mental clarity and emotional balance through the ups and downs.

  • Game-changing tricks for any challenging situation to shift your mental states back into a place of temperance and incisiveness, and regain control after you’ve lost your cool.


  • This group will provide you with the connection and support of other women who are going through the same things as you.

  • This group is facilitated by Catherine O’Brien, LMFT, who is not only a therapist who has focused on new moms for almost 10 years, but is also a mother of two who has lived through many similar challenges.


This group is designed for moms who want more calm, clarity and connection in their everyday lives.

Each participant is required to commit to meet weekly and process issues on a deeper level. It is a group for moms who can use support and are ready to make changes to feel the empowered calm that she deserves.  *An intake interview with the facilitator is required prior to group enrollment.


Group Information

When: Tuesday, July 26th, 2016 Time:  6- 7:30pm     - 8 weekly meetings

Where: 1116 22nd St. Sacramento 95816

Cost: $55 per session -  materials included

Pre-Register Discount: $400 in advance (a $40 savings!)

Space is limited to 6 participants


If you're interested in enrolling, please submit your info here and Catherine will contact you.

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Interested? Have questions?

For more information contact Catherine O'Brien, LMFT at 916-718-9501.

Earlier Event: October 10
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Later Event: October 18
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