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Calm Collective: "Pathways to Presence: Body Wisdom"

  • Happy With Baby 1116 22nd St. Sacramento, CA 95816 United States (map)

We will discuss ways to start listening to our bodies to help us find ways to calm. You will learn techniques to help you stay in the moment and connected to your “now.” You will learn how to identify how your body feels the world and receives infomration through your 5 senses.

    • Your body has wisdom. Tapping into that wisdom can shift you into calm.

    • We are going to find our own pathway to calm by tapping into our 5 senses. Your body is connected to your “now” - the present moment through your 5 senses.

    • Find your personal antidote to overwhelm by learning to listen to your own body’s wisdom and triggering a calm response in your nervous system.

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