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Calm Collective: "Clearing Up the Hormone Confusion"

  • Happy With Baby 1116 22nd St. Sacramento, CA 95816 United States (map)

How to understand our hormones and how all our major hormonal systems interact and impact our everyday living (i.e. cravings, moods, productivity etc).  You will be able to identify things you might be doing that are causing the chaos and some practical tips you can use not to start shifting them to work for you, not against you.

    • Designed to take the confusion out of balancing our hormones and help clear the way for simple, sustainable ways to make vibrant living a long-term habit

    • How to cut through the confusion to get a complete and clear picture of all your major hormonal systems and how they interact with each other

    • How your hormones impact your every day living (like your metabolism, your cravings, your moods and your productivity among other things)

    • What you are likely doing that is causing major haywire in the hormone realm

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