How to Parent When Your Heart is Broken

Parenthood is never easy, even when life seems perfect.  And those times when life is not so perfect?  Harder.  And those times when loss, tragedy or trauma happen?  The hardest.  Lately, it’s hard to listen to the news log onto social media.  It seems like there’s a new natural disaster or political mess every single day.  It’s starting to feel normal, even though we know nothing about any of this is or should be normal. 

With details about the Las Vegas Shooting coming out nearly a week later (and will probably continue to roll out in the weeks and months to come), we might be in for a rough emotional ride.  Especially because of how particularly senseless or inexplicable this event feels.  Especially especially if you know someone was there or otherwise feel some connection to that particular place.  

New Mama Worries, Part 2: How to Know if it's Postpartum Anxiety

Anxiety sucks.  Anxiety while being a mom really sucks.  One of the things I hear from moms is that they often blame themselves if they feel anxious.  As if somehow they are failing as a mom, a partner, a person if they experience anxiety and motherhood at the same time.  Maybe they just weren't cut out for this job.  But NO!  That's so not true.  The truth is that you do love your sweet baby and no one can parent the way you can--there is just something else going on.

New Mama Worries, Part 1: What's Normal & How to Get Past Your Anxieties

One of the most common concerns I hear from moms both in my practice and in my personal life is the constant worry they feel since bringing their baby home.  For many, it starts during pregnancy.  And, on the one hand, worry makes a lot of sense.  We have been entrusted with the fullest of responsibilities--creating and raising a life.   “I am a mom--it is my job to worry.”

Guest Blog: What You Should Know About Pregnancy Loss

When a woman loses a pregnancy, her baby, life changes forever in ways most will thankfully never understand. She’s joined a club that no one wants to be in and she finds herself walking a solitary path into the future.

As a society, we don’t talk much about perinatal loss, and thus most of us are uneducated or undereducated about it’s dramatic and often traumatic impact. Because talking about it makes people uncomfortable, when it happens, women are often left to suffer in silence, awaiting the unknown.