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Tips for Navigating Mom Groups on Facebook

How do you feel about mom groups on Facebook?

I’ve been asking around about how other moms feel about mom groups on Facebook and other social media and the funny thing is, I’m met with groans every time.  I’m not surprised, really. More just disappointed for moms everywhere.

I guess we probably should have predicted this.  Road rage has been a problem for probably decades.  Social media trolling, though relatively newer, comes out of a similar mentality.  

Navigating the Tricky and Often Triggering World of Social Media as a Mom

Catherine O'Brien, LMFT has once again been featured in an article on, this time discussing specifically how social media influences self-confidence, mental health, and choice as mothers.  Do you use Facebook or other social media platforms as a little break, some socialization or support?  Notice how you feel whenever you do log on to social media and whether it is actually serving you.