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MMHA Month Recap: Perinatal Mood Disorders, Sharing Your Story, & Simplifying Motherhood *BONUS RESOURCES INSIDE*

Well, May has come and gone and summer is in full swing.  But, just because Maternal Mental Health Awareness Month is over doesn’t mean the conversation is over.  Maternal Mental Health is important 365 days a year.

So, we might be well into June by now, but I want to recap what we discussed in the last month and share with you some weekly tips videos I did over on my Facebook page. PLUS, TWO FREE DOWNLOADS INSIDE!

Momma Interviews "Expert Edition" featuring Michelle Peterson

Mommas, I'm so excited to share this interview with Michelle Peterson with you!

Michelle Peterson is the author of the book 'Seven Sisters for Seven Days: A Mothers' Manual for Community-Based Postpartum Care', She empowers new mothers with resources to get the care they need in the postpartum period.

Click through to watch the interview, read the transcript or learn more about Michelle.

Momma Interviews "Expert Edition" featuring Cassie Owens, LPC

Mommas, I'm so excited to share this interview with Cassie Owens, LPC with you!

Cassie is a therapist specializing in maternal mental health and the Vice President of the Georgia Chapter of Postpartum International. 

Click through to watch the interview, read the transcript or learn more about Cassie.

Momma Interviews "Expert Edition" featuring Elizabeth O'Brien

Mommas, I'm so excited to share this interview with Elizabeth O'Brien with you!

Elizabeth is a feminist, a mother of three, wife, entrepreneur, trainer, supervisor, consultant and psychotherapist specializing in Perinatal Mental Health.  She also serves as the state coordinator and President of PSI Georgia Chapter.

Click through to watch the interview, read the transcript or learn more about Desiree.

Momma Interviews "Expert Edition" featuring Jessica Porten

Jessica Porten is a mother of two from Sacramento, CA.  She is an activist and advocate for moms and maternal mental health issues.  Jessica made waves when her Facebook post about seeking help for her postpartum depression from her OBGYN went viral overnight.  She now partners with 2020Mom to provide maternal mental health resources and lobby for legislative change to improve conditions for new and expecting mothers.

Click through to watch the interview, read the transcript and learn more about Jessica.

Momma Interviews "Expert Edition" featuring Nikki Reeves

Mommas, I'm so excited to share this interview with Nikki Reeves with you! 

Today, Catherine O'Brien, LMFT interviews Nikki Reeves. Nikki is a mom to two boys, an advocate for moms everywhere, and the founder of the incredibly successful Facebook group, Maternal Mental Health Support.

Click through to watch the interview, read the transcript or learn more about Nikki.

Momma Interviews "Expert Edition" featuring Jennifer Moyer

May is Maternal Mental Health Awareness Month, so I've relaunched my "Momma Interviews" series--This time with an extra special set of moms.  These mommas also work to support other moms and their families during the transition into new parenthood and beyond.  I'm calling it the "Expert Edition", but I think you'll find that while these women definitely are experts in their work, parenthood has a way of making a beginner out of everybody.  Even experts get surprised by the unexpected and learn new bits of wisdom while in the trenches! 

Mommas, I'm so excited to share this interview with Jennifer Moyer with you! 

Jennifer is a mental health advocate, speaker, and author of the book, A Mother's Climb Out of Darkness: A Story About Overcoming Postpartum Psychosis.

Guest Blog: 5 Tips for Healing Postpartum Depression & Anxiety from a Holistic Nutritionist

The recent coverage of celebrity mothers, like Chrissy Teigen, discussing how they came to discover that the unsettling feelings they experienced after giving birth was called postpartum depression sheds light on an interesting dialogue we need to have with women: becoming a mother is not always going to be a beautifully exciting time in a mother’s life; and that’s okay. The idea that a mother should love her new baby - or even the more seemingly inclusive sentiment that every woman has the baby blues - perpetuates the myth that women are supposed to be emotionally ready to be a mother by the time the baby comes into the world. It’s that myth that continues to fuel the stigma of maternal mental health and impedes women from getting the support that they need to develop a healthy parenting identity.

Moms Deserve Better: Resources for Moms with Postpartum Depression & Anxiety

A recent Facebook post went viral about a mother who was seeking help for Postpartum Depression, but instead of her being able to get the help she was seeking, it resulted in the cops being called, the mother feeling “more broken”, and with still no services in place to help her.  This is not OK.


Best of the Blog: Here are the posts you loved most in 2017

Well, moms and dads, it's been another interesting year!  To honor the work we've done over the past year and to help usher in the new year, this week I thought I'd highlight the most popular blog content we've put out in 2017.  These are the posts you've read and loved the most! 

Weathering the Weather in this Season of Motherhood

We’re officially within the bounds of “holiday season” by now.  We survived the time change (how did that go for your little ones, by the way?).   It’s getting darker way sooner than it was just weeks ago.  And fall is transitioning into winter.


This time of year, the sun sets so early in the day and even when it’s out, you might not always see too much of it.  Skies turn grey or overcast many days out of the season.  Northern California, where I live, definitely tends to get more precipitation this time of year than it does the rest of the year.  And many places across the country get much more rain (or snow!) than we do.

Guest Blog: Simplify Your Life So You Can Focus on Family



Parenting in the modern world is unnecessarily cluttered with distractions and multitasking. Unfortunately–despite all the current advances and technology of our time–no one has yet to invent the SuperMom pill. (Don’t worry, I’m working on it.) So, in the meantime, you have to prioritize with intention, or the important things (people) will become neglected and…well…less important. Please, read on if you interested in some ideas on how to simplify your life and focus on family.

Momma Interviews "Expert Edition" featuring Alicia Taverner

For our last Expert Momma Interview of the month, I'm speaking with Alicia Taverner, LMFT.  Alicia is a mom of two (with a third on the way!), has experience with both foster parenting and adoption, and is also a therapist who supports women in their relationship struggles, such as infidelity, divorce and break-up.  I love her honesty in struggling to ask for help and her message about remembering the purpose of what we're doing is so powerful.


Watch the interview, read the transcript, or learn more about Alicia.

Momma Interviews "Expert Edition" featuring Rebekah Fedrowitz

Today's conversation is with Rebekah Fedrowitz, mom to a busy toddler and holistic nutritionist whose aim is to support busy moms on their own path to wellness. She's got a lot to say about balance and perfection (her perspective on how quitting one area of her life would change everything is so poignant), and RuMe tote bags and Daniel Tiger.  Oh, and her fave motherhood quote is, well, perfection....


Watch the video, read the transcript, or learn more about Rebekah.

Guest Blog: Caring for Your Parents and Your Babies: What I Learned During My Son’s First Year

Written by Kate Turza


When my son was 10 months old, I found out I was pregnant with our second child.  So, like most young families, we made the decision to move out of our “starter house” and into our “forever house”.  Finally, when my second was 5 months old we moved into our “forever” home.  Life was good.  Two babies, beautiful house, happy mom & dad.  

A couple weeks after moving into our house, my father (who had been living with Multiple Sclerosis for almost 30 years) went in for a routine surgical procedure. All went well with the surgery, I talked to my dad (who was still loopy) on the phone and promised I would be up to see him the next day. 

Momma Interviews "Expert Edition" featuring Cassie Owens, LPC

Today, I'm chatting with Cassie Owens, LPC.  She's a mom of two in Atlanta, GA, and is a licensed professional counselor specializing in maternal mental health.  She's got some great advice that every mom should prioritize in her life (ahem, boundaries!).  And I also find her story really interesting because she's a prime example of a mom who didn't experience any postpartum mood disorders with her first baby, but did experience postpartum anxiety and depression with her second--which just goes to show that there are so many variables at play and it's so hard to predict how you'll feel. 

Watch the interview, read the transcript or learn more about Cassie and her work. 

Momma Interviews "Expert Edition" featuring Jo Muirhead

Mommas, I'm so excited to share this interview with Jo Muirhead with you!  If you need to hear a fresh new perspective on motherhood, here it is.  Jo is a working mom to her 16-year old son, has lived through divorce and postpartum depression, and has come out the other side with such a beautiful connection to her son and her family.  I love the way she was able to follow her convictions and her gut even in the most trying of times, and her discovery that family is a choice to show up for the ones you choose to love is so refreshing.  Check it out and let me know what you think!

Watch the interview, read the transcript or learn more about Jo.

Guest Blog: 5 Considerations to Safeguard Against Postpartum Depression

Written by Brittni Fudge, MA, LPC, NCC


Up to 20% of pregnant and new moms will experience some form of anxiety or mood disorder.  This is a staggering number—especially considering these statistics are gathered based only on what women report.  Due to the stigma around mental health, many women don’t report their depression or anxiety to healthcare professionals, so it’s likely that that number is higher.  Pregnant moms often ask me if there’s anything they can do to prevent postpartum depression.

Momma Interviews "Expert Edition" featuring Lindsay Lipton Gerszt

This week, I give you Lindsay Lipton Gerszt, Executive Producer of the new documentary film, When the Bough Breaks - a Documentary about Postpartum Depression.  Mommas, I am so excited about this interview!  Not only does Lindsay have one of those dreamy career trajectories that just makes you want to learn all about her--from Los Angeles music industry executive to documentary film producer--but she also has such an important message and story to tell.  As a momma who has suffered from severe postpartum depression, she has some powerful honesty and wisdom to share. 

Watch the interview, read the transcript or learn more about Lindsay and the documentary film.