life transitions

Weathering the Weather in this Season of Motherhood

We’re officially within the bounds of “holiday season” by now.  We survived the time change (how did that go for your little ones, by the way?).   It’s getting darker way sooner than it was just weeks ago.  And fall is transitioning into winter.


This time of year, the sun sets so early in the day and even when it’s out, you might not always see too much of it.  Skies turn grey or overcast many days out of the season.  Northern California, where I live, definitely tends to get more precipitation this time of year than it does the rest of the year.  And many places across the country get much more rain (or snow!) than we do.

Survival Tips for Major Life Transitions

OMG, moving with kids is not easy.

I remember a time when I could be moved and unpacked in one weekend….Oh, the good old college days!  

It is definitely not the same with a husband and two kids.  The end of 2015 was exhausting.  We sold our home and moved into our new place. And, of course, the holidays are always a busy time.  But, I can finally say we are all sleeping happily in our new rooms.