Where to Meet Your Mom Tribe (And, how to actually meet them!)

One of the biggest challenges I hear from moms is how difficult it is to find mom friends.  Some even liken it to going out to a bar and hitting on someone, hoping that they like you and want to start hanging out.   That doesn't always have the best memories associated with it, does it?  


The fear of rejection is real.  And the effort it takes to meet new people can feel daunting or even draining for some of us.

Confessions of a Marriage Therapist: When Your Mom Tribe Doesn't Exist

What is it like to feel like you don't belong? Or, to feel like everyone else makes friends so much easier than you do? 

I talk to my clients all the time about how important it is to have a community--a tribe--a circle of other mom friends to support you, laugh with you, lift you up, or let you fall apart in their company.  Moms who “get it” and don’t judge you for your struggles or imperfections.