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Celebrate Your Relationship in Small Ways on Valentine’s Day & Every Day

When we become parents, it’s natural for our priorities to shift. But that doesn’t mean you can scratch your relationship off your list. This week, I share 10 simple, free ways you can express your love on Valentine’s Day or any day, plus you can grab my Couples Conversation Starters download for FREE!

Making Time for Connecting with Your Partner

One of the biggest concerns I hear from couples that call my office is: How do they find time to spend together as a couple with everything else they have to do in a day?

As a parent and partner to my amazing husband, I have to say I know this concern all too well.  I feel like there are a lot of different things we need to contend with.  We have to take care of our child or children.  We have jobs.  We have to grocery shop, clean the house, take care of our own needs…  The list, quite frankly, is never ending.  So, usually spending time together comes last. It’s right down there with taking care of ourselves.  Both should really be much higher on the list of priorities.

Video Quick Tip: How to Date Your Partner

Are you struggling to find time for your partner now that you have a baby?

I'm Catherine O'Brien at and I know this reality all too well, both personally and professionally.  Today, I just have one quick tip.  

It seems really simple and you might ask yourself, "Why haven't I thought of that before?"