Dads Interview with Quentin Hafner

If you’ve been following my blog for a while, then you’re probably familiar with my Momma Interviews series.  I’ve loved doing them and I frequently get positive feedback from readers saying how much they look forward to them.

But I feel like we’re only getting half of the story.  

I’ve been wanting to do a series of Dads Interviews for such a long time.  And today--just in time for Fathers Day this weekend--I’m so excited to kick off the Dads Interviews series with Quentin Hafner!


How to Cope When Your Partner Has Postpartum Depression

What is it like as a dad or co-parent when your partner has Postpartum Depression or Anxiety?  Well, "difficult" would be an understatement.  Imagine you and your partner have the baby you’ve always wanted, but mom is just not herself anymore and you don’t know how to make things better.  It can feel helpless or hopeless.  It can feel frustrating.  You might feel angry or impulsive.  Or worried or sad.  Or numb.  Or way too preoccupied with tending to her needs and feelings that you have no idea how you even feel about it.

New Dads: What is Your Role After Baby Arrives?

First-time dads, do you (or did you) ever feel like you’re unsure of what you’re supposed to even do in those first few weeks after bringing baby home?  

Do you (or did you) feel like you don’t even exist or that there’s not much reason for you to be around because the baby needs mom and mom is doing it all?


Every new parent will tell you that those first few weeks after baby comes home are rough.  

Dads Who Are Rocking at Parenting

Last week, in anticipation of Father’s Day, I talked on the blog about ways that dads can get involved during those first few weeks after baby comes home.  This week, I want to continue the conversation about dads by looking at the bigger picture:  Why dads matter so much and why the experience of fatherhood is so profound.

By now, we’ve all probably heard some statistic or another about how kids are likely to perform better in school, live more healthfully, be better behaved, and grow up to be more successful in life.  You also may or may not know that the relationship the father has with the mother of his child can have significant impacts on her chances of postpartum depression after baby arrives.

Ways Dad Can Help Out in the First Weeks of Parenthood and Why Mom Should Let Him

Fathers Day is just days away, so in honor of all the World's Best Dads everywhere, I thought I'd share my best tips for new dads (and parenting partners) so that you can come into your own as a daddy.  I think it's often assumed that dads will just step up after the baby arrives (and more often than not, YOU DO!), but we all say it so casually--as if it isn't just as disorienting, confusing, challenging or exhausting for dad as it is for moms. 

That really isn't fair, is it? 

Top 3 Books for Expecting Parents

sn’t it crazy just how much we need to do, think about, and plan for when we are expecting a baby?  It is an amazing time, but it is also a life-altering, world-changing event.  If you are an expectant parent you are probably already inundated with books, research on the best products, and get loads of unsolicited advice.  (And if you're not yet, just wait....)

New Year's Reflections: What we're actually accomplishing when we're not meeting our expectations.

I recently read another blog by a friend, colleague, and brilliant business coach, Jo Muirhead.  In it, she talks about reflecting on the past year.  As I read it, my most immediate thought was that I had accomplished nothing over the year.  I had big goals that went unmet. 

And then one of the questions jumped out at me and honestly, brought tears to my eyes:  “What were you doing?”

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