Trouble Sleeping? This might work for you!

We all know the magical powers of sleep.  And we all know that most of us--no matter who we are or what we do--aren't getting nearly enough. 

We're all just so busy.  We're overbooked and overstretched.  We give too much.  We spend too much time staring at screens, taking in a constant flood of new information. Our nervous systems are constantly bombarded with things to process and not enough downtime to actually process all the things.  This causes wear and tear on our brains and hormones, among other things. 

New Mama Worries, Part 2: How to Know if it's Postpartum Anxiety

Anxiety sucks.  Anxiety while being a mom really sucks.  One of the things I hear from moms is that they often blame themselves if they feel anxious.  As if somehow they are failing as a mom, a partner, a person if they experience anxiety and motherhood at the same time.  Maybe they just weren't cut out for this job.  But NO!  That's so not true.  The truth is that you do love your sweet baby and no one can parent the way you can--there is just something else going on.

New Mama Worries, Part 1: What's Normal & How to Get Past Your Anxieties

One of the most common concerns I hear from moms both in my practice and in my personal life is the constant worry they feel since bringing their baby home.  For many, it starts during pregnancy.  And, on the one hand, worry makes a lot of sense.  We have been entrusted with the fullest of responsibilities--creating and raising a life.   “I am a mom--it is my job to worry.”

Guest Blog Post: Transformation

My pregnancy went well and I was excited to meet my baby girl. I made a birth vision board, set up my birth plan, had my awesome doula and very supportive husband. The labor and delivery took a loooong time. But, she came out! I was so happy to meet her! My baby girl that I’d spent all of those months talking to and preparing out in the world with me.