Dads Interview with Quentin Hafner

If you’ve been following my blog for a while, then you’re probably familiar with my Momma Interviews series.  I’ve loved doing them and I frequently get positive feedback from readers saying how much they look forward to them.

But I feel like we’re only getting half of the story.  

I’ve been wanting to do a series of Dads Interviews for such a long time.  And today--just in time for Fathers Day this weekend--I’m so excited to kick off the Dads Interviews series with Quentin Hafner!


3 Simple Steps to Quit Keeping Score in Your Parenting Relationship

Remember back when you had roommates and it was so easy to divvy up the chores list and make sure everyone paid their share of the bills?  And if someone wasn’t pulling their weight, it was really clear, right?  Everyone knew who the lame roommate was and a simple house meeting could nip it in the bud or that roommate would be finding a new place.

Dads Who Are Rocking at Parenting

Last week, in anticipation of Father’s Day, I talked on the blog about ways that dads can get involved during those first few weeks after baby comes home.  This week, I want to continue the conversation about dads by looking at the bigger picture:  Why dads matter so much and why the experience of fatherhood is so profound.

By now, we’ve all probably heard some statistic or another about how kids are likely to perform better in school, live more healthfully, be better behaved, and grow up to be more successful in life.  You also may or may not know that the relationship the father has with the mother of his child can have significant impacts on her chances of postpartum depression after baby arrives.

Travel Tips for Parents with Little Ones

Since it’s generally Spring Break time for many of us this time of year, I thought I’d focus on some thoughts on traveling with little ones and some hacks to make it easier.  Plus, summer is coming, so it can’t hurt to plan ahead for your upcoming summer trips.  First of all, I know that traveling with a little one seems daunting, but really, it’s not so bad.  You’ll figure out your own system and your own travel hacks (which I’d love to hear!).  And secondly, just do it.  Do it now, while they’re young.

The Challenges of Practicing Self-Care as a Parent: A Q&A with Catherine O'Brien LMFT on PsychCentral

Ah, self-care.  This is something that takes constant work to master. (Does anyone ever really "master" it?)  Sometimes I'm great at it.  Other times, not so much.  And when I fall out of the habit, I have to bring my attention back to it (sometimes after my husband calls me out on it!) and work it back into my routine. 

Guest Blog Post: What to Expect When You Become a Parent After Infertility

During your infertility journey, all you dreamed of is the day that you’d become a parent. You worked so hard, read everything you could get your hands on, and asked questions in your online support group. You followed all of your doctor’s instructions, had sex on a schedule, and went through medical treatments you didn’t even know existed. It’s been a process, and you and your partner have experienced a grief that’s almost impossible to describe. But you’ve made it through. 

Guest Blog Post: How to Capture More of Those Magical Parenting Moments

A few years ago when my children were smaller I remember reading an amazing blog post about how sometimes in the middle of all the chaos and the insanity, you find yourself caught in a special moment of clarity and gratitude where time is suspended and all that remains is the connection between you and your child. So often when I was a new mom, I would either fake it and pretend that it was mostly “rosy”, or I would get caught up in the defeated feelings I had about how much harder it was then I thought it would be.

1st Grade?? How did THAT happen?

1st Grade??  How did THAT happen?

Life transitions seems to be happening everywhere.  I have friends who kids are off to college, someone I know is getting ready for retirement, some are welcoming new job positions, new babies, a new sibling added to the the mix.  And then, there is the new school year.  So many kids have already started.  My son started back 2 weeks ago, but this week is is first full week--he's in 1st grade.  1ST GRADE!!!!!!  How in the world is that even possible?