Celebrate Your Relationship in Small Ways on Valentine’s Day & Every Day

When we become parents, it’s natural for our priorities to shift. But that doesn’t mean you can scratch your relationship off your list. This week, I share 10 simple, free ways you can express your love on Valentine’s Day or any day, plus you can grab my Couples Conversation Starters download for FREE!

Why You Need to Prioritize Your Partner Even After Baby

Your relationship is your parenting foundation. You need each other. Not only logistically, but also emotionally. I’ve got three simple suggestions for you to make sure both your and your partner’s needs are met every day.  If you only do these three things while raising little ones at home, you’ll be ahead of the game.

New & Expecting Parents, Here's My Question to You for 2019!

Ah, there’s something about a new year that always feels like a clean slate.  Even if you’re not a resolution-setter.

But, if you think about it, each new day is also a clean slate.

I’m a big fan of keeping things simple.  

So, even though today I have a really big question to ask you, when you actually put the question to practice in your day-to-day, the answer is really in the small, simple things you do each day.

How to Combat Holiday Chaos with Little Moments of Connection

With the increase of travel, extended family dynamics, and close-quarters accommodations, the holidays can be like a pressure cooker for our relationships.  

Now, I can’t discuss all the ins-and-outs of all those family dynamics and how to navigate each one in a single blog post, BUT—I CAN tell you about some ways that you can stay in-tune with your partner during this beautiful, amazing, crazy-making time when you’re crashing on the air mattress at your mother-in-law’s house after spending 22 hours in various airports and only had two diaper explosions to deal with….  

So, you guessed it--that’s what I’m sharing in this week’s video below!